1. Polenta
Corn meal, served with sour cream and cottage cheese on the side

2. Vampire’s Ears
Deep fried, crusty seasoned dough, a treat for everyone

Combos (include 2 sides: baked beans, braised cabbage, or potatoes with parsley)

3. Chicken Dracula Combo
Delicious oven roasted chicken with spices and traditional garlic sauce (mujdei) with your choice of 2 sides

4. Romanian Smoked Sausages Combo
Romanian smoked sausages with your choice of 2 sides

5. Capicola Combo
A Capicola Fry with your choice of 2 sides

6. Schnitzel Combo
A Romanian Twist on the all time favourite, breaded pan fried schnitzel with your choice of 2 sides

7. Stuffed Peppers (selected days)
Two delicious stuffed peppers served with sour cream

8. Vegetarian Combo
Make your own combo from the options of beans, braised cabbage, or potatoes and parsley (two choices)



A custard filled pastry
3.Assorted Romanian Cookies
4.Salam de Biscuiti
A chocolate cookie roll
5.Romanian Crepes
A vanilla and custard cream cake dessert


From the Bar

Imported Romanian Wine: Feteasca Alba (White Wine), Feteasca Neagra (Red Wine)
Beer: Imported and Domestic Beer
Coffee and Tea
Natural Fruit Soda (“Sirop”)
Alcoholic Punch: Bloody Fang (Raspberry Brandy and Cherry Brandy)

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