1. Polenta
Corn meal, served with sour cream and cottage cheese on the side

2. Vampire’s Ears
Deep fried, crusty seasoned dough, a treat for everyone

Combos (include 2 sides: baked beans, braised cabbage, or potatoes with parsley)

3. Chicken Dracula Combo
Delicious oven roasted chicken with spices and traditional garlic sauce (mujdei) with your choice of 2 sides

4. Romanian Smoked Sausages Combo
Romanian smoked sausages with your choice of 2 sides

5. Capicola Combo
A Capicola Fry with your choice of 2 sides

6. Schnitzel Combo
A Romanian Twist on the all time favourite, breaded pan fried schnitzel with your choice of 2 sides

7. Mititei
Hand-rolled, skinless sausages mixed with a blend of Romanian spices grilled to perfection

8. Vegetarian Combo
Make your own combo from the options of beans, braised cabbage, or potatoes and parsley (two choices)



A custard filled pastry
3.Assorted Romanian Cookies
4.Salam de Biscuiti
A chocolate cookie roll
5.Romanian Crepes
A vanilla and custard cream cake dessert


From the Bar

Imported Romanian Wine: Feteasca Alba (White Wine), Feteasca Neagra (Red Wine)
Beer: Imported and Domestic Beer
Coffee and Tea
Natural Fruit Soda (“Sirop”)
Alcoholic Punch: Bloody Fang (Raspberry Brandy and Cherry Brandy)

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