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  • Vampire Ears
  • Polenta with sour cream and cottage cheese
  • Baked red peppers
  • Zacusca (traditional vegetable spread)

Main Menu:

  • Mititei (traditional skinless sausage)
  • Chicken Dracula
  • Schnitzel (breaded pork cutlet)
  • Smoked garlic sausage


  • Braised cabbage (vegan)
  • Potatoes and parsley (vegan)
  • Baked beans (vegan)
  • Pickles, hot pepper, horse radish, mustard, garlic sauce, bread and butter, free with meal


  • Traditional Romanian cookies and desserts
  • Torta (Cake)
  • Crepes

From The Bar:

  • Romanian and domestic wines
  • Domestic and imported premium beer
  • Slivovitz
  • Brandy
  • Rye
  • Pepsi products
  • Coffee
  • Tea

All food prepared by our talented chef and the ladies from our community


  • Romanian preserves
  • Romanian natural mineral water
  • Romanian imported sweets
  • Romanian hand crafts